Patriots target league debut win in basketball

Patriots Coach Cyrille Kalima

Patriots Coach Cyrille Kalima

Saturday, Men

UR- CoE vs Rusizi 2pm

APR vs UGB 2pm

Espoir vs UR- CASS 2pm

CSK vs KBC 4pm

IPRC- Kigali vs 30-Plus 4pm



CSK vs Rusizi (CSK)

APR vs Patriots (NPC)

UGB vs 30 Plus (Kist)

Espoir vs IPRS-South (NPC)

IPRC-Kigali vs Kigali (NPC)

The National basketball league continues over the weekend with several matches lined up on both Saturday and Sunday.

Debutants Patriots face APR on Sunday after playing their opening game against University of Rwanda (College of Arts and Social Sciences) on Friday at NPC Gymnasium. Their Friday results were yet to be known by press time.

According to Patriots coach Cyrille Kalima, their target is to end this weekend with maximum points from their two tricky encounters.

Elsewhere, UR-CASS who lost 82-64 to IPRC- South in the league’s opening match last Saturday have set the clash as a must win game and won’t welcome a second consecutive defeat according to head coach Charles Mushumba.

In the women’s league, IPRC- South who lost 51-48 to UR- CASS in their opening match, host seven-time champions APR in Huye district tomorrow while holders Ubumwe play newly created side, the Hoops BBC on Sunday at 10am at KIST basketball courts.



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Basketball body in Rwf 20m boost from IOC

Basketball body in Rwf 20m boost from IOC

Ferwaba Technical Director Shema Maboko Didier

Rwanda Basketball Federation (Ferwaba) has received a financial boost worth Rwf. 20,670,000 from the International Olympic Committee to steer the development of the sport from the grassroots this year.

The financial boost has been agreed by the Oympic Solidarity was channeled through the Rwanda National Olympic Committee following a successful drafted project by the local basketball body.

Confirming the development, Ferwaba Secretary General Richard Mutabazi said “Late last year we sent our project aimed at developing the sport from the grassroots and on January 5 this year, they gave us a notification that our project would be funded wholly,”

“It’s a six-month project which will go directly in identifying potential young players in schools and academies,” added Mutabazi.

The Ferwaba Technical Director Shema Maboko Didier further added that the income will help in developing the sport and will leave the country with many potential players for the future.

“The last time we last had such a project was way back in 2005. This project left us with many talented players; some went to US while others are currently featuring for our national team,”

“We have high hopes that this time right now will leave us with many more talented players for U16 who will compete in the qualifiers for Zone V championship and world cup qualifiers,” added Shema.

The talent identification project will cover ten schools (Male and female) in different districts across the country.

These schools include; Lycee de Kigali (Kigali),College Saint Andre (Kigali),IFAK Kimihurura (Kigali),Green Hills (Kigali),GS St Ignace Kibagabaga (Kigali),College de Gisenyi-Inyemeramihigo (Uburengerazuba),GSO Butare (Amajyepfo),GS St Joseph Kabgayi (Amajyepfo),St Aloys-Rwamagana (Iburasirazuba) and Regina Pacis Secondary School-Musanze (Amajyaruguru) in boys category.

In girls category, schools which will be targeted include; St Vincent Muhoza-Musanze (Amajyaruguru), GS du Bon Conseil-Byumba (Amajyaruguru),LNDC Kigali (Kigali)

Lycee de Kigali (Kigali),Ecole Notre Dame de la Providence-Karubanda (Amajyepfo),St Joseph Kabgayi (Amajyepfo),College ADEGI (I Burasirazuba),College St Andre (Kigali)

Green Hills (Kigali) and GS St Joseph de Birambo (I Burengerazuba).

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Spurs 101-100 Dallas: Spurs kick off title defence by edging Mavericks

Spurs 101-100 Dallas Spurs kick off title defence by edging Mavericks

Tony Parker (left), Tim Duncan (centre) and Manu Ginobili (right) of the San Antonio Spurs sit on the bench during the fourth Quarter of the NBA Finals

Tony Parker scored 23 points as the San Antonio Spurs began their title defence with a 101-100 win over Dallas in one of three opening-night NBA contests Tuesday.

The Spurs, despite their superb record in ring ceremony games, needed every minute of the contest to hold off their Texas-state rivals, who gave them their most difficult challenge of last year’s playoffs.

The Spurs rolled to their fifth title in June by dismantling the LeBron James-led Miami Heat. But first they had to get past the Mavericks in an epic seven-game series in the Western Conference semi-finals.

“We moved the ball much better in the second half,” said Spurs guard Manu Ginobili, who came off the bench to score 20 points. “The defence was great. Tony had a couple of big baskets it was a very close game. Anything could have happened.”

Tuesday’s three-game set to start the 2014-15 regular season also saw Anthony Davis fall one block shy of a triple-double as the New Orleans Pelicans pulled away from the Orlando Magic for a 101-84 home win.


Kobe Bryant’s Los Angeles Lakers were taking on the Houston Rockets in the late contest.

San Antonio received their championship rings in a pre-game ceremony which also included raising their fifth championship banner in franchise history. The Spurs are now 5-0 in games where they received their championship rings.

“The ring ceremony got me emotional,” said Ginobili. “This is a great start. I can’t complain.”

Parker scored the go ahead three-pointer with under a minute left. Ginobili also had six assists off the bench and Tim Duncan totalled 14 points and 13 rebounds for San Antonio.

Monta Ellis led Dallas with 26 points on 11-of-21 shooting and Dirk Nowitzki added 18 points with six rebounds in the loss.

San Antonio returned almost everyone from last year’s team but they had to play the season-opener without NBA finals MVP Kawhi Leonard, who is sidelined by a right eye infection.

Tiago Splitter also sat with a calf injury and Australian Patty Mills will miss the first few months after shoulder surgery.

San Antonio has now won 10 straight regular-season games over the Mavericks, including eight straight at home.


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Durant upbeat despite starting season on sidelines

Durant upbeat despite starting season on sidelines

Kevin Durat #35 of the Oklahoma City Thunder reacts against the Memphis Grizzlies during Game six of the Western Conference Quarterfinals of the 2014 NBA Playoffs

Four-time NBA scoring champion Kevin Durant, last season’s NBA Most Valuable Player, was upbeat Tuesday as he discussed starting the season on the sidelines.

The Oklahoma City Thunder star, talking for the first time since surgery on his broken right foot, insisted the situation was a “win-win” — giving him a chance to learn about the game from a different viewpoint as his team-mates honed their skills on court.

Durant, who arrived to meet reporters using a wheeled scooter to support his injured foot rather than using crutches, is expected to be sidelined at least another month.


With the NBA season tipping off on October 28, he said other players will have to step up and make the most of increased minutes on the floor.

“It gives guys opportunities to play, build confidence and build that chemistry as a team,” Durant said. “I’m looking at the positive side of it. It’s a win-win. I’m learning a lot about the game while I’m out.

“My teammates are getting a lot of opportunities because there are a lot of minutes out there to play and help contribute to the team.”

Durant said he was grateful for the support of the Thunder organization as he decided to have surgery to repair the Jones Fracture — a broken bone at the base of the small toe.

An aching pain alerted him to the problem, and he and team officials hope it was caught early enough to keep the rehabilitation process short.

“Everything is progressing,” he said. “I’m looking forward to these next few weeks of getting better.”

Durant’s on-court contribution will be hard, if not impossible, for the Thunder to replace.

He averaged 32 points, 7.4 rebounds and 5.5 assist a game last season, sparking the Thunder to the Western Conference finals, where they were eliminated by the eventual NBA champion San Antonio Spurs.

After winning last season’s scoring crown, he joined Michael Jordan, Wilt Chamberlain and George Gervin as the only players to win four NBA scoring titles in five years.

However, Durant says he’ll try to use his time on the sidelines as a learning experience.

“It’s a different position for me, but I’m looking forward to growing mentally by watching the game, learning from my teammates and helping them as much as I can,” he said.


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Rwanda | Afrobasket U18: Senegal yegukanye igikombe cya Afurika

Afrobasket U18: Senegal yegukanye igikombe cya Afurika

Ikipe y’igihugu ya Senegal y’abahungu yegukanye igikombe cya Afurika cy’abaterengeje imyaka 18 nyuma yo gutsinda Cote d’Ivoire amanota 71-62 ku mukino wa nyuma wabereye  kuri Stadium Academica i Maputo muri Mozambique tariki ya 25/8/2012.

Senegalyegukanye igikombe cya mbere mu batarengeke imyaka 18 mu mateka yayo, yageze ku mukino wa nyuma isezereyeMaliku manota 63-47 (17-12 ; 15-08, 16-16, 16-11).

Cote d’Ivoireyo yageze muri ½ cy’irangiza, isezereye Misiri yaherukaga gutwara igikombe cya Afurika cyari cyabereye mu Rwanda muri 2010, iyitsinze amanota 57-42.

Mu guhatanira umwanya wa gatatu n’uwa kane Misiri yatsinzeMali78-54. Umwanya wa gatanu wegukanywe naAngolaimaze gutsindaTunisia61- 40.

Mozambiqueyegukanye umwanya wa karindwi nyuma yo gutsindaGhana48- 45, naho umwanya wa 9 wegukanwa na Maroc, uwa 10 utwarwa naGabonmu gihe umwanya wa 11 ari nawo wa nyuma wafashwe n’uRwanda.

Muri iri rushanwa, uwahawe igihembo cy’umukinnyi witwaye neza kurusha abandi (Most Valuable Player-MVP) ni umunya Misiri Saleh Ehab, naho uwatsinze amanota menshi kurusha abandi ni umunya Maroc Shifi Mourad winjije mu nkangara amanota 120.

Ikipe yaTunisianiyo yahawe igihembo cyo gukina umukini mwiza, urangwa n’ubworoherane (Fair Play).

SenegalnaCote d’Ivoirenizo zizahagararira umugabane wa Afurika mu gikombe cy’isi cy’abatarengeje imyaka 19 kizabera muri Repubulika ya Tchèque muri 2013.


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Rwanda | Basketball: Ikipe y’u Rwanda U18 yatsinzwe na Mali mu mukino wayo wa kabiri

Ikipe y’u Rwanda ya Basketball y’abatarengeje imyaka 18 yatsinzwe na Mali mu mukino wayo wa kabiri yakinnye tariki ya 18/8/2012, mu mikino y’igikombe cya Afurika cy’abatarengeje imyaka 18 ikomeje kubera i Maputo muri Mozambique.

 N’ubwo ikipe y’u Rwanda yari yatangiye yitwara neza igatsinda Mozambique iri imbere y’abafana bayo ku manota 62 kuri 34, yaje guhura n’akazi gakomeye imbere ya Mali, imwe mu makipe akomeye muri iryo rushanwa maze itsinda u Rwanda amanota 45 kuri 33.

 Tariki 19/8/2012 ikipe y’u Rwanda iraruhuka, ikazakomeza imikino yo mu itsinda ikina na Ghana tariki ya 20/8/2012.

 Ikipe y’uRwandayegukanye igikombe cy’akarere ka gatanu ari naho yakuye itike yo gukina iyo mikino nyafurika, ihaguruka muRwandayajyanye intego yo kwegukana igikombe cyangwa se nibura umwanya wa gatatu muri ayo marushanwa azasozwa tariki 25/8/2012.

Kugirango ikipe y’uRwandayiyongerere amahirwe yo gukomeza muri ¼ cy’irangiza irasabwa gutsindaGhana.

 U Rwanda ruri mu itsinda rya mbere ririmo Mozambique, Ghana Tunisia, Mali na Repubulika iharanira Demukarasi ya Congo (RDC), naho itsinda rya kabiri  rigizwe na Misiri yatwaye igikombe cya Afurika giheruka, Maroc, Cote d’ivoire, Senegal, Gabon na Angola.







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Rwanda | Basketball: Ikipe y’u Rwanda U18 yajyanye intego yo kuvana igikombe muri Mozambique

Ikipe y’u Rwanda ya Basketball y’abatarengeje imyaka 18 yihaye intego yo kuzitwara  neza, ikegukana   igikombe, mu gikombe cya Afurika cy’abatarengeje imyaka 18 kizabera i Maputo muri Mozambique kuva tariki ya 16-25/8/2012.

Nyuma yo kwegukana igikombe cy’akarere ka gatanu ari naho u Rwanda rwaboneye itike yo kujya mu gikombe cya Afurika (AfroBasketball U18), abakinnyi n’abatoza b’ikipe y’u Rwanda bafashe icyemezo cyo gutwara n’igikombe cya Afurika nk’uko twabitangarijwe na Kapiteni w’iyo kipe Neston Manzi.

“Tumaze gutwara igikombe cy’akarere ka gatanu, twahise twumva ko bishoboka ko twanatwara igikombe cya Afurika, bituma dukora cyane, dukosora amakosa twakoraga, ubu twumva tumeze neza, ku buryo twumva n’iyo imikino yatangira ubu twakwitwara neza kandi tukazana igikombe.

Mu rwego rwo kwitegura imikino y’igikombe cya Afurika, ikipe y’u Rwanda yakinnye imikino n’amakipe akomeye muri shampiyona y’u Rwanda kandi yose ibasha kuyatsinda harimo APR FC, CSK ndetse na Espoir.

Umutoza w’iyo kipe wungirije Kalima Cyrille avuga ko kuba baratsinze APR, BBC n’andi makipe akomeye muri shampiyona y’u Rwanda kandi mu mikino bari barakinnye mbere ayo makipe yarabatsindaga, ngo ni ikimenyetso cy’uko  ikipe yazamutse cyane kandi ngo no muri Mozambique bazitwara neza.

“Gutsinda amakipe makuru nka APR cyangwa Espoir kandi zikinsiha abakinnyi bazo bakomeye bose, ni ikigaragaza ko ikipe yacu yiteguye neza, kuko tugereranyije n’ubushize twitegura imikino y’akarere ka gatanu, haragaragara itandukaniro kuko icyo gihe ayo makipe yari yadutsinze. Nta gushidikanye rero ko tuzitwara neza, kuko gukina n’amakipe nk’ayo tukayatsinda kandi ari ay’abakuru (senior), biduha icyizere ko n’igikombe dushobora kucyegukna”.

Abatoza b’ikipe y’u Rwanda bari bifuje gukina umukino wa gicuti na Gabon mbere yo kujya Maputo ariko ntibyakunda kubera amikoro makeya gusa umutoza mukuru Nenad Amanovic avuga ko ntacyo bizagabanya ku myitwarire yabo.

“Kuba twarakinnye n’amakipe akomeye kandi y’abakuru mu Rwanda tukayatsinda byabaye nko gukina na Gabon. Nta kintu na kimwe navuga ko tutahawe ahubwo icyo tuzakora ni ugutsinda buri kipe yose duhuye nayo kugeza ku mukino wa nyuma.

Ikipe y’u Rwanda U18  izaba yitabiriye imikino y’igikombe cya Afurika bwa kabiri mu mateka y’u Rwanda, yabonye itike nyuma yo kuba iya mbere mu karere ka gatanu ubwo yatsindaga Kenya ku mukino wa nyuma wabereye i Kigali tariki 22/7/2012.

Mu mikino y’igikombe cya Afurika cy’abaterengeje imyaka 18 iheruka kubera mu Rwanda muri 2010, Misiri ni yo yegukanye igikombe. Misiri, Angola na Tunuziya ni amwe mu makipe akomeye muri Afurika azaba ari muri iryo rushanwa, akaba  ahabwa n’ amahirwe yo kwegukana igikombe ..







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Basketball: Cote d’Ivoire ni yo izakira igikombe cya Afurika mu mwanya w’u Rwanda

Ishyirahamwe ry’umukino wa basketball muri Afurika ryamaze kwemeza ko Cote d’Ivoire ari yo izakira imikino y’igikombe cya Afurika mu mwaka wa 2013 nyuma y’aho u Rwanda rwari rwemeye kuzayakira rubihinduye ku munota wa nyuma kubera impamvu zo kutagira ibikorwa remezo bihagije.


Umunyamabanga w’Ishyirahamwe ry’umukino wa Basketball mu Rwanda Jean Lucien Mugabo, yavuze ko basabye ko babanza kwitegura aho kwakira igikombe cya Afurika cya 2013 bakazakira iyo muri 2015 bamaze kuboba ibyangombwa byose.


Uretse u Rwanda, na Tuniziya yari yarasabye kwakira iyo mikino ariko  akanama  ka FIBA gashinzwe kwemeza igihugu kizakira iyo mikino kemeje Cote d’Ivoire kuko ngo ari yo yujuje ibisabwa kurusha Tuniziya.


Dr Alphonse Bilé, Umunyamabanga mukuru wa FIBA Afrique yabwiye itangazamakuru, ko iki gihugu cya Cote d’Ivoire, uretse no kuba gifite Basketball yateye imbere, cyari kinujuje iby’ingenzi bisabwa.


Mu by’ingenzi bisabwa ngo igihugu cyemererwe harimo kuba gifite ibikorwa remezo bihagije byaba ibijyanye n’umukino wa basketball, amahoteli, n’ibindi byinshi bisabwa kugira ngo irushwanwa rigende neza.


Mu bindi bisabwa harimo kureba niba igihugu gifite ubushake n’ubushobozi bwo kubaka ibikorwaremezo by’umukino wa Basketball.


Ubushake bwa Politike nacyo ni kimwe mu birebwa cyane mbere yo kwemerera igihugu kwakira imikino kuko kuba ishyirahamwe ry’uwo mukino mu gihugu ribishaka ntibihagije, ngo hagomba no kubaho ubushake bwa Politike.

icya gatatu cy’ingenzi mu bisabwa ni ukuba igihugu gisaba kwakira iyo mikino gifite abakunzi benshi b’uwo mukino ku buryo hagaragara ibyishimo muri stade iyo habaye imikino ya Basketball.


Iyi mikino izitabirwa n’amakipe 16 y’intyoza, izatangira mu kwa karindwi irangire mu kwa munani muri 2013 i Abidjan.


Kugeza ubu inzu izakinirwamo iyo mikino iracyubakwa ariko nk’uko ubuyobozi bw’ishyirahamwe ry’umukino wa Basketball muri Cote d’Ivoire bwabitangarije, ngo imirimo yo kuyubaka izarangira mu kwezi kwa mbere 2012.


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Interclub wins African club basketball championship

Angolan side Interclub basketball club emerged champions of the 17th Fiba Afrique club championship for women after defeating First Bank of Nigeria 81-55 points at the Indoor Sports Hall of the National stadium Lagos.

The victory blighted the proud record of the Elephant Girls in a competition they won in 2003.

Vincente Asirid Tumb scored twenty two points for the victorious Interclub and her contribution was not in vain as she helped the Angolan club to win the week-long tournament.

The competition had attracted Inter Club of Angola, Kenya Port Authority, GD Maculosso club, First Bank, First Deep Water and INJS(CMR).

First Deep Water gave the host fans something to cheer about after beating Maculosso 66-57 to win bronze.


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Urutonde rw’abakinnyi bakomoka muri Afurika bakinye muri NBA (Igice cya kabiri)

  1. 6. Serge Ibaka

Serge Ibaka yavukiye mu gihugu cya Kongo Burazavile mu mwaka 1989. Nyuma y’umwaka wa kabiri akina muri NBA  yaramaze kugeza ku manota 9.8 ku mukino umwe. Ubu Ibaka ni umukinnyi uhagaze neza mu ikipe ya Oklohama City Thunder. Muri 2011 amaze kugeza  ku manota 12.3 ku mukino umwe.

  1. 7. Christian Eyenga

Christian Eyenga yavukiye i Kinshasa muri  Kongo mu mwaka wa 1989. Eyenga akinira ikipe Cleveland Cavaliers. Amaze kuyikinira imikino 44.

  1. 8. Luc Mbah a Moute

Luc Mbah a Moute yavukiye mu Mujyi wa Yawunde muri Kameruni mu mwaka 1986. Yaje kujya gukomereza amashuri ye muri Kaminuza ya UCLA aho yatangiye gukinira Milwaukee  Bucks. Nyuma y’umwaka wa gatatu akinira Milwaukee Bucks agejeje ku manota 6.7 ku mukino umwe.

  1. 9. Manute Bol

Manute Bol yavukiye i Grogial mu gihugu cya Sudani mu mwaka 1962. Yakinnye muri NBA imyaka 10 ariko niyabaye umukinnyi w’igitangaza muri NBA cyane cyane mu gutsinda amanota. Usibye yakoze amateka nk’umukinnyi uzi kugarura imipira yatanga amanota. Yaje kwitaba imana mu mwaka 2010 ahitanwe n’uburwayi bw’impyiko. Yamenyekanye cyane nk’umukinnyi wakunda gufasha abantu babaye.

10. Hasheem Thabeet

Ni umukinnyi ukomoka mu gihugu cya Tanzaniya akaba akinira ikipe ya Houston Rockets.  Yavutse 16 Gashyantare 1987 ni ukuvuga ko afite imyaka 24 y’amavuko.



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